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Cuddy Valley in Pictures

Cuddy Valley Living – Peaceful. Serene. Panoramic.

Cuddy Valley with its Colorado feel is truly one of the premier locations to live in the greater Frazier Mountain area. This incredibly scenic and peaceful valley is surrounded by national forest on all four sides providing residents with stunning 360° views of the San Emigdio Mountain range, endless trails for hiking, horseback riding, and year-round opportunities to explore and enjoy the natural unspoiled splendor of Los Padres National forest.

Not much has changed in Cuddy Valley since the Irishman John Cuddy settled here in the 1850’s. Residents are still grazing cattle, riding horses, raising families, and enjoying the unique blend of California countryside and ancient pine forest that merge together under clear blue skies.

The valley offers a peaceful retreat from the noise and congestion of urban and suburban centers. It’s quiet here. You’ll hear things you’ve never heard before. Like the wind through the pines. Like a bluebird’s call. Like yourself thinking. Wildlife is abundant in the valley during the spring, summer, and into the fall months. California quail, California mule deer, fox, hawks, owls, jays, blue birds, cotton tail and jack rabbit are just part of the natural Cuddy Valley landscape.

The beauty of Cuddy Valley has attracted many film companies over the years as the ideal backdrop for commercials, movie scenes, and episodes in popular television series. Cuddy Valley and the Mt. Pinos summit provided the perfect setting for the Ponderosa Ranch on the television series Bonanza in many episodes during the years of 1969-71. The most recent major film scenes shot in Cuddy Valley were for the 2003 movie “Van Helsing”staring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.

Cuddy Valley residents enjoy year-around access to the 19,000 acre Hungry Valley State SVRA Park with its 130 miles of scenic trails for off-road vehicles. For Mountain Biking enthusiasts, the 8,000 acre Ballinger Canyon area is especially popular. You'll find 68 miles of routes that vary from sandy washes to ridgeline trails. The relatively dense route network provides many opportunities to make loops of varying difficulty. If you enjoy water sports, own a boat, or like to fish — Pyramid Lake is a just minutes south on Interstate I-5. In neighboring Lockwood Valley, trails will take you to Piru Creek for fishing, kayaking, and camping. During the winter months, you can head up to the nearly 9000 foot Mt. Pinos summit right above the Valley for some of the best cross-county skiing in the United States.

Cuddy Valley is home to approximately 150 residents. Properties range in size from 5 acres to 20-plus acre parcels with properties over 50 acres occasionally appearing on the market. Existing homes in Cuddy Valley are custom built and range in size from 2-3 bedroom residences to expansive log and timber frame homes. Properties located along the sides of the Valley border the National Forest. Cuddy Valley is part of the unincorporated area of Kern County.

You’ll enjoy a four season climate in Cuddy Valley with average temperatures ranging from a high of 80° during the day to a low of 56° at night in the summer and a high of 60° during the day to a low of 35° at night during the winter months. Expect mild summer temperatures with light breezes during the day and a natural cooling down in the evening hours.

At an elevation of 5000-6000 feet, Cuddy Valley occasionally receives light to medium snow fall during the winter months. Winter snow fall on the valley floor burns off quickly but remains much longer at the higher elevations creating magnificent views of snow capped Mt. Pinos, Frazier Mountain, and Tecuya Mountain.

The surrounding Los Padres National Forest offers Cuddy Valley residents protection from future development. The minimum subdivision on remaining undeveloped land is 20 acres without county and public approval and there is no commercial or industrial zoning in the valley that could threaten the environment or landscape. The entire Valley is zoned for horses and livestock.

If you have horses, you’ll appreciate owning property with immediate access to millions of acres of unspoiled public land. You’ll never have to worry about the threat of future development encroaching on the places you love to ride. You can saddle up anytime and head off exploring the scenic Los Padres National Forest on endless trails through some of the most beautiful terrain in California.

The main road in Cuddy Valley is paved and maintained by Kern County while the majority of residential roads in the Valley are graded and graveled. The main private road leading into the eastern portion of the Valley is paved and maintained by residents. There are no home owner association fees or formal covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). Electricity and telephone service is provided underground to each parcel from one main utility line that runs through the center of the valley. The underground utility restriction was set in place when Cuddy Valley was originally subdivided into residential parcels to avoid obstruction of the scenic views.

Cuddy Valley offers residents many advantages including water rights. Each property owner has the right to drill for water or own a share in a predrilled well with other property owners. The water in the Valley flows through artesian sand spring basins in the north part of the region and into underground aquifers. You’ll enjoy fresh spring water straight from the source without a monthly water bill, concern about industrial and pharmaceutical contaminants, or usage restrictions.

Cuddy Valley is truly a place where people and nature come together to create a residential setting unlike any other in Southern California. It’s not what has been built here, but rather what hasn’t. If you’re looking for an exceptional mountain ranch property in an alpine community that appreciates the value and beauty of the natural environment, you owe it to yourself to experience this truly unique place to live.

Map of Cuddy Valley

Cuddy Valley Map
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Cuddy Valley Area Campgrounds, Hiking, Mountain Biking, ATV and 4x4 Trails

Cuddy Valley is home to many Los Padres National Forest Campgrounds, hiking and ATV trails including Salt Creek, Cherry Creek, McGill, Mt. Pinos, Chula Vista, Sheep, and Pleito. All trail heads connect to the Valley for access on foot, ATV, 4x4, mountain bike and horseback. Two Los Padres National Forest Equestrian Campgrounds with corals are located in neighboring Lockwood Valley for day or overnight use.

Reyes Creek Campground Information – Equestrian Corral

The Reyes Creek campground offers creek side camping that is seasonal — winter and spring. The elevation of the campground is at 4000 feet. Facilities include 30 camp sites with 1 pipe corral. No piped water is available. This Campground is a Campfire Use Site and requires an Adventure Pass for overnight camping.

The Reyes Creek campground is located 3 Miles east on Lockwood/Ozena Road off of Highway 33, then 1.5 miles from the turnoff on forest road 7N11 to Reyes Creek campground, which also goes to Camp Scheideck. The Scheideck settlement is tucked along Reyes Creek and was originally homesteaded in 1888. There are 30 to 40 cabins and a popular lodge, bar, and restaurant, which was built in 1898.

The campground offers easy access to the Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca National Recreation Trail.

Thorn Meadows Campground Information – Equestrian Corral

The Thorn Meadows Campground is located in a shaded area among Jeffrey Pines. The elevation of the campground is 5000 feet. Facilities include 5 camp sites with 1 Pipe Corral. No piped water is available. There are 4 stoves, 4 tables and 1 restroom. This is a no fee campground.

The Thorn Creek Campground is located at the end of the Spur Road, 9 Miles South off Lockwood Valley Road and 23 Miles West of Frazier Park.

For maps and additional information on campgrounds, hiking and ATV trails in the Cuddy Valley area of the Los Padres National Forest, click on the following links.

Los Padres Forest Map — Local & Surrounding Area

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Los Padres Forest Map — Legend

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Los Padres National Forest Hiking Trail Information – Local

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Los Padres National Forest ATV Trail Information – Local

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Mt. Pinos Ranger Station

Mt. Pinos Ranger District
34580 Lockwood Valley Road

Cuddy Valley History – The Chumash Valley of the Shaman.

The Chumash called today’s Cuddy Valley the “Valley of the Antaps” (Valley of the Shaman). It was an area of great spiritual significance. The Shaman would make an annual sojourn to the valley to perform rituals. Their purpose was to bring sacred powers down from the Upper World along a spiritual pathway to the Middle World, as it was felt that the two worlds were very close there.

The Shaman would draw strength from the two sacred mountains at each end of the valley, Iwihinmu (Mt. Pinos) and Toshololo (Frazier Mountain) – the highest points in the Chumash lands. They considered this area the center of their universe.

The Spanish used an inland trail that passed through Cuddy Valley. El Camino Viejo connected Los Angeles with the early Spanish capital of Monterey. What started as wild animal trails developed into a link between the Spanish missions.

John Cuddy, for whom Cuddy Valley is named, came to the United States from Ireland during the Great Potato Famine. He joined the military and after he was discharged in 1853, followed his unit to Fort Tejon as a civilian teamster. John soon became the chief herder for the fort and found a lush green meadow some 12 miles from the fort that was best for grazing. It was here that he built the log cabin which still stands today. The Cuddy family has continued its long tradition of raising cattle. The Cuddy family homestead can be seen along Lockwood Valley Road.

For more historical information on Cuddy Valley, visit the Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society in neighboring Frazier Park or by visiting the following website.

Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society Website

Click Here

Nearby Shopping – You won’t have to travel far.

Cuddy Valley may feel remote but all the essentials are close by. Neighboring Frazier Park offers retail shops, restaurants, markets, gas, hardware stores, a pharmacy, and the personal and professional services you would expect to find in a larger city.

A few minutes west, you’ll find the Pine Mountain Village with restaurants, a bakery, coffee house, gym, Pilate’s studio, hardware store, grocery and general store, gift shops and specialty stores, salons, and other personal and professional services.

Nearby Lebec and Gorman offer fast-food restaurants, automotive services, a nursery, gas stations, hay and feed store, and lodging. For more information on the businesses and services available in the mountain area, see Local Business Directory.

Cuddy Valley Area Schools

For families with children, Cuddy Valley is part of the El Tejon School District which covers a wide area including Pine Mountain Club, Frazier Park, Lake of the Woods, Lockwood Valley, Piñon Pines, and Lebec. School bus service is provided to Cuddy Valley. For more information on Cuddy Valley area Schools and the El Tejon School District, visit the following websites


Frazier Mountain High School

Click Here

El Tejon High School

Click Here

El Tejon School

Click Here

Frazier Park School

Click Here

Pine Mountain Learning Center

Click Here

El Tejon Unified School District

Click Here

Average Temperatures









Area Information


Approximately 250


5000-6000 feet.


From ½ inch to 2 feet approximately 8 times a year


Main roads are paved and maintained by Kern County. Residential roads are graded, graveled, paved, and privately maintained.

Utility Information


Power, phone, and cable available to each property underground.


Cable and Satellite.


High Speed Wireless, Cable, and Satellite.


Septic System


Individual propane tanks on each property.


From resident drilled wells.

Public Services


Kern County Paramedics, Private Ambulance Service and Helicopter. Two medical clinics in nearby Lebec and Frazier Park. Major medical centers in Bakersfield and Valencia.


Kern County Fire Department is located in Frazier Park. Los Padres National Forest Fire Service is located minutes away and lake water on Tejon Ranch is available for extraction.


Kern County Sheriffs Department services the area from Frazier Park.


El Tejon School District. Elementary through High School in Frazier Park and Lebec. Pine Mountain Charter School is located in Pine Mountain Club. School bus service is provided by the district.


There are many denominations in the area. See Local Directory under "Churches"

Cities Nearby:

Santa Clarita Valley:

Distance—48 miles. For more information about, Valencia click the link below.


San Joaquin Valley:

Distance—48 miles. For more information about Bakersfield, click the link below.



Meadows Field
Bakersfield (BFL):

Distance—45 miles. Nonstop flights to Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco and one-stop service to hundreds of domestic and international destinations. The new William M. Thomas Air Terminal at Meadows Field is now open.

Visit the Meadows Field Airport Website by clicking the link below.

Click Here

Bob Hope Airport
Burbank (BUR):

Distance—65 miles. Nonstop flights to destinations throughout the United States. Served by most major carriers. One stop service to hundreds of international destinations.

Visit the Bob Hope Website by clicking the link below.

Click Here

Los Angeles International

Distance—80 miles. Nonstop flights to cities all over the World. Visit the Los Angeles Airport Website by clicking the link below.

Click Here

Map of Cuddy Valley in Relation to Airports

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Approximate Travel Times from Cuddy Valley

Los Angeles:

70 minutes


50 minutes

Santa Clarita:

50 minutes


50/70 minutes

Santa Maria:

95 minutes


95 minutes

Santa Barbara:

95 minutes

Pismo Beach:

95 minutes

San Luis Obispo:

95 minutes

Directions to Cuddy Valley – A scenic drive from any direction.

Regional Map

Regional Map
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From Interstate I-5

From either direction on I-5, take the Frazier Mountain Park Road Exit (205). Go west for about 9 miles. Frazier Mountain Park Road will become Cuddy Valley Road. Turn left on Darling Ave. Turn right or left on Steinhoff Road to explore the valley.

To reach our office, continue on Cuddy Valley Road past Darling Ave. and turn right onto Mil Potrero Highway. Drive 6 miles into Pine Mountain. Pine Mountain Village is on the left. You will see the Village Center sign at the corner of Mil Potrero Highway and Freeman Drive. Turn left on Freeman Drive and turn right on Pine Valley Lane into the Center. Continue on Pine Valley Lane until you see the Jennings Realty sign on the right.

From the California Coast & 101 Freeway

From either direction on the 101 Freeway, take the CA-166 exit. Take CA-166 east for approximately 70 miles. Turn right onto Cerro Noroeste Road and proceed for approximately 25 miles into Pine Mountain. Cerro Noroeste Road becomes Mil Potrero Highway. Continue on Mil Potrero Highway until it ends at Cuddy Valley Road. Turn left on Cuddy Valley Road and then turn right on Steinhoff Road or continue east and turn right on Darling Avenue.

To reach our office, follow the same directions above. When you reach the Village Center in Pine Mountain Club, continue past the Center and turn right on Freeman Drive. Turn right on Pine Valley Lane into the Center, Continue on Pine Valley Lane until you see the Jennings Realty sign on the right.

Stop by our office or let me know when you’ll be visiting the area. It would be my pleasure to show you around Cuddy Valley and all it has to offer.

Cuddy Valley Homes and Land for Sale – See every property listed in the MLS.

For information on Cuddy Valley real estate, Cuddy Valley homes for sale, and available Cuddy Valley land for sale, follow the link below to search our listed properties in Cuddy Valley and the official Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that includes Cuddy Valley property listings provided by all local real estate offices.

Search Cuddy Valley Homes and Land for Sale

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For More information

If you have any questions about Cuddy Valley or would like more information on a Cuddy Valley property you see during your real estate search here or anywhere on the Internet, it would be my pleasure to assist you.



Bonnie Ketterl Kane. A View from The Ridge Route.

Our special thanks to Bonnie Ketterl Kane and the Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society for providing information on the history of this community.



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